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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I'm participating in the 2020 Canadian Stone Carving Festival this year. I paid my fees and the organizers mailed me my stone as I didn't have a suitable one here at home. I am fairly new to carving, have done mostly lettering or what I call 'sketches' in stone, not a lot of sculptural three dimensional work. For this new challenge I picked up four new chisels at Sculpture Supply Canada near Kipling Station here in Toronto. Point, tooth chisel, rondel, and riffler. The last is not so much a chisel as a 'stone grater' -- well that's how I think about it anyway. Will post photos of tools as this practice run continues.

The design I'm practicing is a topographical / elevation map of a shoreline down to a protected cove sheltering two small dories. You can see the post-it note sketch taped to the stone. It's an interesting challenge to envision and work all sides in to create a landscape in stone. The official theme is 'Hindsight is 20/20' so I am looking for a relevant quote to carve around the base. Something about finding a small place to shelter during an unexpected storm.

(practice stone)

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