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My work applies art for practical purposes. 


I design environments for interactive experiences using sound and media art, installation, and craft-based practices. 


My practice started in theatre, and has always involved crews and teams, and building deliberate spaces for audience experience. My confidence in installation comes from my work with festivals and events over the past 20 years. I produce events that bring large groups of people together for creative experience. Most of my projects involve teams of 2-20 people. 

My projects include interactive sound, sculpture, and land art, and often involve amplified sound. This could be six speakers concealed under a sea of stone supporting a small wooden boat. Each emits a drone soundscape sourced from a small island off the coast of Newfoundland (Stone Song). Or it could be you making kiss sounds at a small bot that lights up at the sound of your voice to imprint a small kiss of its own on paper (Kissbots in Public Displays of Affection). I create small, personal experiences in public space, repeated by hundreds of visitors over one night or over a year, that accumulate to create a collective presence. 


While technology-heavy, the electronics design is part of the aesthetic experience, or entirely hidden. Participants in Public Displays of Affection pick up a handmade wooden bot held together by its printed circuit board, with rectangular black chips soldered along its spine, apply lipstick to its human-sized foam lips, and set it down. Visitors to Stone Song do not see the three amps, six speakers, four Raspberry Pis, weather and pressure sensors, and 100 feet of conduit and wires. They experience a wooden boat in an open field emitting a drone soundscape that shifts when they climb over the stone waves, take a seat inside the protected space the dory creates, and are surrounded by the sound of open ocean.  

Through playful yet thoughtful participation, my work engages in serious issues. These include social isolation, lost contact with hand-crafted analog technology, and climate change. As an alternative to blogs or non-fiction books or conversations, my installations offer a way to consider these issues through aesthetic experience. 

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