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Hilary Martin at Stone Song Fieldwork

​I build land art, installation art, interactive art, sound art. I make rugs. I am starting to carve stone. I organize walks. I convene events. I take photos and make videos. I'm learning to build augmented reality apps to animate historic sites in creative ways. I started building pop-up books when the pandemic hit. Nothing too fancy. Not at the beginning. I enjoy people who let themselves get curious and stay curious. I enjoy planning. I enjoy solving problems on the fly. I enjoy working alone. I enjoy working with people who are not easily embarrassed about the intensity of being creative and how weird and rewarding that can be. Most of my projects involve 2-20 people. It's usually fun. If you like my work connect with me on Instagram

In my non-art life I write interactive narrative games for ethics in the workplace (yep, my job), conduct research, facilitate strategic planning processes, co-create instructional designs, write grants, and develop projects for climate change adaptation. I'm working on my PhD in philosophy on problem-solving and accountability. The things I do in my non-art life inform my art practice. If any of this is interesting, you can find out more here

Artist Statement

Artist CV

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